Zelensky for violation of quarantine is ready to pay two fines

For the head of state of coffee could cost tens of thousands of hryvnia

President Vladimir Zelensky intend to pay the cafe in Khmelnytskyi amount that is equivalent to the amount of the fine for violation of quarantine. Moreover, he is ready to execute the court’s decision relative to its administrative responsibility for violation of the anti-epidemiological requirements. It is reported by the Office of the President in Facebook.


“As a Ukrainian citizen feel responsible for breach of quarantine in the Odessa region. Voluntarily pay on the house power amount that corresponds with the amount of the fine. At the same time, in the case of a court’s decision about bringing me to administrative responsibility will accomplish it, as provided for by the law of Ukraine”, – said Vladimir Zelensky.

Thus it appears that the President may pay twice for violation of the quarantine.

As reported “Today”, June 4, Vladimir Zelensky in Khmelnytskyi ran fine for a visit to the cafe during the quarantine. At that time they were not allowed the establishments to receive visitors in the room, but only on the summer grounds. In addition, a cafe is allowed at the same table not more than four persons, and Zelensky had more. However, the President did not argue with that and agreed to pay, if he will issue a fine.


Also the Protocol drawn up on the café owner who, despite quarantine restrictions, resumed work, and then hosted (at the time cafés were entitled to receive visitors only on a summer area, not in the room).

19 Jun Khmelnitsky city district court considered the Protocol on violation of the quarantine, the Judge appealed to the Supreme court with the request to explain, can be brought to administrative responsibility of the President of Ukraine, since under the Constitution, the President has immunity. He faces a fine from 34 to UAH 170 thousand. Production is temporarily suspended. But Ermak, Lyashko and the other officials were fined “for coffee” with Zelensky. Note that the penalty imposed on the owner of the cafe.