TOP 3 food processors Kenwood


How to determine which one is best food processor, especially if you buy the device for the first time? You need to analyze specifications, compare a few models and are willing to rely on ratings of household appliances. In this article, the editors Hronika.infoрасскажет about TOP 3 popular models of food processors according to the version store Today, the top three included kitchen machine Kenwood. Here’s the rating:

  • KVL 8470 S
  • KHH 326 WH MultiOne
  • KVL 8320’S
  • What are the characteristics of each model, and what makes them popular among shoppers, read on in our material.

    Kenwood KVL 8470 S

    This multifunction powerful model that is ready to take the place of a chef in your kitchen. The machine not only can replace all the small appliances, but also surpass the quality of their work. Each nozzle meets the requirements of professional cooking.

    The set includes:

    • K-shaped beater is a distinctive fixture in gadgets brand
    • hook for test
    • food processor
    • knives for cooking meat
    • chopper
    • citrus press
    • blender

    With a capacity of 1700 watts processor executes any business process in seconds. Capacious bowl, a 6.7 l will allow you to cook dinner for many people. There are eight speeds for the blender, cover from the splashing of liquid mass and other “features” with which women are able to cook complex dishes at a professional level without having great cooking skills.

    Kenwood MultiOne KHH 326 WH

    Device KHH 326 WH MultiOne practically does not lag behind KVL 8470 S popularity. The great value has the price – processor is three times cheaper. It is also compact and versatile. There is less Cup (4.3 l) and power of 1,000 watts. But this is sufficient for cooking all meals at home.

    The set of eight nozzles, which make stuffing, squeeze out the juice, knead the dough and whipped the whites. In the set there is the signature K-shaped nozzle for cooking pies, meatballs and fish tacos, as well as blender and grinder. The versatility and compactness combined with good price make the device quite popular among buyers.

    kenwood 2

    Kenwood KVL 8320’s

    “Bronze” or third place receives model KVL 8320 S. its Main advantage – the possibility of retrofitting branded devices that are not in the box originally.

    What challenges to cope harvester:

    • Grinding of different hardness ingredients, including ice, nuts, grains
    • Whisking, kneading and 3D blending options blender
    • Kneading dough, the dough for baking
    • Cooking soufflés and mousses

    Still have 20 attachments that can be purchased to expand the functionality of the processor, for example, grater-slicer for rolling out dough, pasta, slicing spiral. KVL 8320 S has a power of 1700 W, eight speed and dynamic speed limits. Another difference between the models is the backlight on the bowl to monitor the readiness of the ingredients.

    All models of Kenwood food processors presented in the store The site has a convenient search filter products. You can find the cheapest harvesters or to specify options that are important for cooking, such as a timer or non-slip backing. It allows you to choose the right gadget that will meet all the requirements of the housewife in the kitchen.