The health Ministry commented on the situation with COVID-19 in Lviv


Region doganay ill in Kiev and Bukovina.

The head of the Ministry of health Maxim Stepanov visited Lviv oblast, in which the rapidly growing number of cases of coronavirus. At a briefing on Tuesday, June 23, he said the reasons for the acceleration of morbidity and that the authorities intended to do about this, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Stepanov believes that the situation in the region is associated with slow testing and failure to comply with quarantine.

“The number of patients, I, in addition to communication, especially in the morning, left the hotel and looked at how people move on public transport. For example, bus rides – he now works exclusively on special permits, they have not been restored in full city traffic, and out of 15 people in three did not have masks, and two people they were launched, the same thing that they almost did not use masks. All of this directly affects a much greater risk of infection and spread of coronavirus disease,” — said the Minister.

In this regard, the decision was made to strengthen control over the observance of quarantine measures.

“I am not completely satisfied with the performance testing Laboratory centre allowed a significant increase in the queue for testing. As the result, it was sometimes in 7-10 days. After the intervention already in Kiev we have all these tests were taken to other laboratories, although this should be dealt with by the local authorities is Also very slow to pass an epidemiological study. Especially for health workers. Of the 268 initiated epidemiological investigations completed only three. These are numbers that are not valid,” says Stepanov.

He also noted challenges in the deployment of the second wave of hospitals and availability of medicines.

“Yesterday I made the decision to strengthen the leadership laboratory center there on the spot. I think that in the coming days we will decide on the necessary staffing changes in the health care system in Lviv region there was a more professional leadership”, — said the head of Ministry of health.

As you know, in the last two days in the region recorded 200 and 240 cases of coronavirus. The region has almost 4,000 cases and the region is rapidly doganay for this indicator Kyiv and Chernivtsi region.The chief physician of Lviv Volodymyr Zub has said that out of 240 cases per day 155 discovered in the region and 74 in the city. The remaining 85 — test results that came back from the lab Kyiv and other cities, where goods were sent at the end of may — early June. According to him, increased the number hospitalized with pneumonia. Therefore, it was decided that all hospitals in Lviv region will be able to treat patients with coronavirus. Only in the Lviv region 4220 cases COVID-19. Of these, 117 people died (last night, three), 696 — cured (for a day 22).