The flood washed away the dam and bridges: what did “big water” in the West of Ukraine (photos and videos)

After heavy rains raised the water in the rivers and caused a lot of troubles

In the result of heavy rainfall that took place in Western regions of Ukraine, the water rose to a critical level, which led to deaths and widespread destruction: was broken dams, washed out bridges, eroded roads and flooded villages.


The government has responded to the disaster, the head of the state Vladimir Zelensky assured that keeps the situation under control and will do everything necessary to help people. In turn, Prime Minister Denis Smigel ordered to take urgent measures for the liquidation of consequences of bad weather.

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, who arrived on a working trip to the West of the country,held a meeting about the situation in Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions, to coordinate the work of all emergency services.

To your attention – the main incidents that have occurred in the Western regions of the country due to the bad weather:

Chernivtsi region:


On the river Cheremosh there is a breakthrough of a dam on a plot of about 10 meters. It was flooded about 10 acres, and local residents were warned about possible evacuation.

Bukovina uploaded the videos, done on a raging river:

Many locals compare the current situation with a terrible flood that happened in 2008.

The Chairman of the Chernivtsi regional state administration Sergey Osachuk warned area residents living close to a raging river that they must be “ready to evacuate”.

The water washed away the road of the state value of Chernivtsi – Verkhovyna, near the village of Roztoky. The roadbed was damaged at the site about 50 meters.


In Vyzhnytsia the water flows of the river Cheremosh destroyed the body of another dam, there was a threat of flooding the industrial part of the city.

Ivano-Frankivsk region:

The water washed part of the road to the famous Ukrainian resorts – Yaremche and Bukovel: in one part of the track washed away with water and the other filled with streams of mud.

After lifting water from the Cheremosh river in the region, three people were killed: two were not able to get out of the car, which drove off the road into a water stream and an elderly woman fell into the river.


In the Carpathian region in five districts of the region – Verkhovyna, Tlumacki, Snyatynska kolomyis’kyi, Tysmenica, as well as on the territory of Ivano-Frankivsk city Council was flooded houses and courtyards.

And in the village of Krasnyk, there was a shift of soil which filled the road of local significance and cut off from the world of the six settlements.

Lviv oblast:

After the rains from the coast out Turanga river, whose waters flooded the village of Zarechnoye in the Stryj district.

Transcarpathian region:

As reported by MP Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze on his page in Facebook, the element is not a direct hit on the region, but created a considerable threat to the region.

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