The explosion in the house on Poznyaky showed the new video

vzryv doma

Blockages are continuing to investigate.

Online published a video from the moment of explosion in a residential 10-storey building in the Darnytsia district of Kyiv. The explosion killed at least 5 people. The main version of state of emergency is a gas leak, reports the with reference to Country.

Outdoor camera, presumably from the Parking lot of the supermarket, recorded the moment of explosion on the morning of 21 June. The power of the explosion is clear by how he shook the camera, located a few blocks from the house.

As of 08.00 on 23 June, the rescuers continue to disassemble the rubble on the 4 floor of the house. In the ruined apartment on the 4th floor sawing boards for their further lifting.

In connection with the constant threat of collapse of structures and the limited space in which to work engineering technicians rescuers are working manually, using crank lifts and crane. The fate of a number of people remain unaccounted for.

Search and rescue operations are carried out continuously and will last till the final identification of persons whose fate remains unknown.