Nutritionists explained why in the summer people lose their appetite


There’s a scientific explanation.

All year round you have a greedy appetite, but summer is coming, and you wonder where has he gone? Type of Smoking steak looks tempting, and you’re not in the mood to fight over the last piece of salmon on the plate. What exactly about hot weather makes you lose interest in food? We offer you to discover the point of view of Dr. Pradip Shah, reports the with reference to Browser.

How does appetite?

If you think that your stomach controls appetite, you’re wrong. In fact, it is the brain. Usually our appetite is controlled by the hypothalamus. It also controls such a thing as satiety. The hypothalamus works together with the hormone of hunger Gmelina (produced by the stomach and hypothalamus), recognizing the feeling of hunger and regulating appetite.

What happens when temperature increases?

The human body is very wise and insightful. It can prioritize biological processes in accordance with the conditions. The summer heat deprives the body of moisture. This is because the body struggles to regulate its temperature, displacing water in the form of sweat. That’s why you’re dehydrated in the summer because of the thermostatic changes in the body, says Dr. Pradeep.

And who exactly is responsible for regulating the temperature of your body? The hypothalamus, also known as the thermostat of your body! Thus, in the summer the hypothalamus has two objectives: one is to keep you cool and the second is to provide timely food.

So when the body is trying to sweat the hypothalamus pays less attention to your hunger. This is because the digestive process also generates significant heat. Therefore, the hypothalamus, wanting to reduce their workload, trying to suppress appetite. That’s why we don’t feel hungry in the summer! Instead, increased thirst, and you drink plenty of water to keep your body cool.

What are we going to do?

Nothing! says Dr. Pradeep. According to him, loss of appetite is your body’s way to tell us what he needs. So instead of force-feeding in summer, do what your body wants — drink plenty of water. Appetite suppression is a natural and transient process. As soon as the coolness will be back, you’ll be craving hot tea and Patty!