Named product that protects against the development of hypertension


Yogurt is rich in substances which regulate the pressure.

Doctors say that the diet needs to regularly appear natural yoghurt. It not only improves digestion, but also reduces the risk of developing hypertension, reports the with reference to Comments.

You know that this dairy product is rich in probiotics, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins B5 and B12. These elements are able to protect against surges in blood pressure, because they have antihypertensive effect. They reduce blood volume, increase the width of the lumen of blood vessels and thereby reduce total peripheral resistance (CPRS). They also reduce force of heart contractions and cardiac output.

Nutritionists say that this useful property has natural yogurt, without various chemical additives. It can be eaten after Breakfast. With regular use of yogurt (at least 5 times per week), the risk of hypertension will be reduced by 25%. In addition to minerals that help to reduce the probability of occurrence of the disease, when the other protective factor.

Some probiotic bacteria, which ferment milk to create yogurt, produce substances that regulate blood pressure, as well as inhibitors.