In the Carpathians, flows of mud “washed off” the road to the famous resorts (photos, video)

Travel to Bukovel and Yaremche turned into a swamp because of the rapid river

In Ivano-Frankivsk region after heavy rainfall and rising rivers , there have been several changes of the soil, which roads to popular resorts were blocked or destroyed.


As reported on his page in Facebook local resident Nazar Gulacy, water in mountain rivers rose higher than during the catastrophic floods of 2008.

So, the landslide occurred on the road between Yaremche and Mikulichin – the flow of soil mixed with water made it impossible for the traffic.


In addition, in two places was destroyed and blocked the road to another popular resort Bukovel in the area of Tatariv water flows podmilj the road, and under Mikulchina the landslide came down on the road.


A landslide on the road to Bukovel. Screenshot

Recall that a few days ago in the river had a great grad and passed a strong downpour. Luckily the hail was short-lived and did not manage to do much damage. But in the first few minutes of the weather hailstones reached the size of large quail eggs. The storm passed over the city, but in different areas – in different ways.