In the Carpathians due to the bad weather killed three people

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The water destroys the concrete dam and washes away the road.

In the Carpathians due to rains, landslides and floods killed three people, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

In the village dzembronya, an elderly woman fell into the rapid stream and was drowned. In Yablunytsia in the river fell off the car. Obviously, the driver didn’t know the local river overflowed and washed away a piece of the road. The driver and passenger were killed.

In the village of Krasnyk, the ground has shifted in several places right on the road. Six villages cut off from civilization. Trapped between the landslides were more than two dozen cars already freed by rescuers.

Also dangerous is the situation in the village Mykulychyn, where the water destroys the concrete dam and took a considerable part of the shore protection. If precipitation does not stop, under the threat of flooding will be several hundred homes.