In new York, died a famous Director

umer rezhiser

Joel Schumacher died of cancer.

In new York at the age of 80 years died the famous Director Joel Schumacher, who created “Batman”, “the phantom of the Opera”, TV series “house of cards” and many other masterpieces of theater and cinema, reports the with reference to Country.

The man died after a long battle with cancer, but in recent years stopped shy of the “I” and openly admitted that he is gay.

Schumacher became a Director of such iconic films as “Batman forever” “Batman and Robin”, “the Flatliners”, “St. Elmo’s fire”, “desperate guys,” “the phantom of the Opera”, “Phone booth”, “Time to kill”, and also known sverhpredelna political series about the American President “house of cards”.

Initially in the film industry he came as costume designer and an expert in clothing, but later retracted and made its debut in 1991 with the film “Incredibly shriveled woman.”