Coronavirus in Ukraine: the number of infected exceeded 38 thousand

From COVID-19 beginning of the epidemic died 1035 Ukrainians

In Ukraine continues to grow the number of infected coronavirus infection. Only in the last day, June 22, the country has recorded 833 new cases COVID-19. The monitoring system of the national security Council.


Since the beginning of the epidemic coronavirus diagnosed in 38 074 Ukrainians. The infection has already claimed the lives of 1035 infected (23 for the last day). To recover from COVID-19 managed 16 956 infected (314 for the last day).

A new record for the infected in the Lviv region (+240). On the eve of the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko explained these figures by the fact that “eliminated a long queue of citizens who expected the tests.” 103 patients found in Transcarpathia, on the eve of the region canceled the weakening quarantine. In third place Kyiv region (+75).

It is worth noting that in the southern regions is still very low morbidity. In Kherson, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhia regions during the day, patients are not identified. The exception of the Odessa oblast, which was 29 cases.


We will remind, the expectations of Ukrainians that in the country from June 22 to lift the quarantine, did not materialize. Without waiting for this date, the Cabinet announced that the quarantine is extended to 31 July, that is another 40 days. The website “Today” to find out why it happened and what is needed so that the country returned to normal life.

We also reported that the Cabinet has developed a new plan of struggle against violators of the quarantine for a week want to spend 10 thousand inspections.