78-year-old Norwegian has enjoyed, supercar McLaren for 455 thousand dollars


He already has two sports cars.

A resident of Norway, Henry Herrfeldt celebrated its 78 anniversary and a birthday made myself a gorgeous gift. The man bought the car McLaren Spider 720S 2018, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

The Norwegian goes for the Roadster every day, in spite of his venerable age and powerful cars. Herrfeldt not even confuse no low rise, no McLaren stiff suspension.

Supercar he purchased more than 4.3 million crowns (about 455 thousand dollars).

In addition to the McLaren Spider 720S Norwegian has more and Roadster Shelby Cobra 1980 issue 38-year-old replica Ford GT40. On them he goes on the weekends.

Herrfeldt noted that these two cars for his more difficult to manage since they are primarily designed for riding on the track, so he decided to buy a two year old McLaren.