Where can I go to abroad and which conditions: Kuleba presented online map

Data will be regularly updated, and the Ukrainians will be able to have up to date information

After Ukraine launched air service, the Ukrainians presented and an online map, so you can easily plan your journey: people will be able to clearly understand where it can fly and what conditions in the host country. This was told during the presentation of interactive maps of the foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.


“It’s a map for people. Governments around the world impose restrictions on movement due to pandemic COVID-19. Rules of entry and transit is constantly updated. How to figure out where to go and where not? Our new map will enable citizens of Ukraine to avoid confusion”he said at a briefing.

Interactive map shows the modes of entry and transit in all countries on the basis of timely and reliable information of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine and foreign diplomatic institutions. The map data is regularly updated. Three layers of information allow you to check whether you can enter the country or pass through it in transit and under what conditions.

“Honestly, this card makes life easier for me as a Minister of foreign Affairs. I’m often asked in interviews and private conversations, where we can go abroad the Ukrainians. Now I have a full answer to this question. Every citizen now has access to relevant information about the restriction of movement and communications in other countries at any time of the day right on the screen of your computer or smartphone” – said the Minister.

In the map you can go here. Choose any country and there popping up information, to whom and on what conditions to enter the country or transit, as well as contacts of Ukrainian diplomatic institutions.


As reported by news of the “Today” recently it became known that the Ukrainian air carrier cancels international flights. In MAU noted that will gradually restore the route network, starting with areas with strong tourist and economic potential.

In turn, Poland has banned flights from Ukraine. The ban applies to flights from all countries except EU members, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland. Separately stated, which is also banned flights from the UK and outside the EU Sweden and Portugal.