The explosion on Poznyaky: destroyed 16 apartments

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The fate of two people is unknown.

The explosion in the house on Poznyaky in Kiev destroyed 16 apartments, 40 — damaged, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Damaged 40 apartments in one entrance, where was 125 citizens. Destroyed 16 apartments from 9 to 4 floors”, — stated in the message.

At the moment we know of three victims: two women 1943 and 1974, and a man born in 1991), 5 people are injured. The fate of two people is unknown.

Rescuers with the dog scouted the dam for the presence of living people, strengthened the floors from 1 to 7 floors and dismantled the dam from 6 to 5 storeys. Now continue to dismantle the barricade on the 4th floor.

52 residents of the damaged staircase were placed in the boarding school №12 and the hostel of Railways, organized the food.

Residents of the nearby entrance No. 5, which was 71 people, accompanied by their rescuers were allowed to take from their apartments the documents and necessities. They have also been asked to settle in the boarding school №12.

According to Facebook the journalist Vitaly Thousandth, explosion has occurred in apartment of the pensioner, where a few days before the incident was a smell of gas.

“Talked to the inhabitants of an entrance. According to them, in the apartment his grandmother lived. Loved the pigeons, feeding them. The last few days (as the neighbors) stank from her apartment with gas. Called service, and that was ignored. In the end, grandma didn’t seem to feel the gas and turned on the hobs. From the blast threw her into the street. Dozens of people were on the street,” – said Th.