Strengthening of quarantine in Ukraine: what will fine violators

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Ukrainians will have to become more disciplined.

Due to new outbreaks of coronavirus in Ukraine and decided to strengthen the quarantine, and enforcement of existing restrictions. Violators will be fined, reports the with reference to Comments.

This was during the briefing said the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko.

One of the main reasons for the dramatic increase in the number of patients with coronavirus in Ukraine, the health Ministry believes a breach of rules of quarantine. Ukrainians have become less conscious, and violate even the few restrictions that remain, said earlier the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov.

Today over observance of rules of quarantine will be watched more carefully. Fine may, in particular, for refusing to wear a mask in public places, such as in transport. You will have to pay 17 thousand hryvnias. Also be owners of various establishments, primarily caterers. If they will ignore the rules of the quarantine can be fined up to 170 thousand, and then all 340 thousand hryvnias. By the way, according to Rospotrebsoyuz, anti-epidemic norms in Ukraine now violate every sixth school.

Ukrainians Viktor Lyashko recommends wearing masks in the facilities, transport, and places where to keep your distance difficult.

If the Ukrainians will become more disciplined, then quarantine is not necessary, says Lyashko.

It should be noted that in some regions since June 22, quarantine restrictions still tightened. In the Odessa region have banned open camps, among the tourists on the beaches should be at least 1.5 meters of distance, and desks in schools have to stand at a distance of not less than 4 feet from each other. Banned and spontaneous trade on the beaches. For it promises fine. In region have already promised to create a special group that will go to the raids on the beaches and recreational areas and to catch violators.