“Rain, thunderstorms, rain, thunderstorms”: Ukrainians “happy” weather

Weatherman predicts wet, but very hot weather

The coming days will not bring Ukrainians are nothing new – over the country still is a front of low atmospheric pressure, which entails the continuation of heavy rainfall.


About this on his page in Facebook said the famous forecaster Natalia Didenko.

“Monday, nothing new also in weather patterns will bring. Rain, storms, rains, thunder,”she writes.

Didenko said that in some places in the country can go through heavy rains, hail and heavy downpours. The wind at the same time to be small or moderate, mainly North-East.

Summer heat is from Ukraine, too, is not going anywhere – the weather forecaster predicts between 23 and 27 degrees in the West and from 26 to 30 degrees in the rest of the country.


On Kiev, June 22 Moscow will host occasional thunderstorms, possible heavy rains, squalls and even hail. The night will be to 20 degrees, and the day before 29.

But on 23 and 24 June, the air temperature in Ukraine will drop to 23-26 degrees, and then will increase again.

We will remind that this week the rain in Kyiv flooded the streets, and the wind broke trees and nearly carried away the child. Some streets turned into rivers, “under the hand” the hurricane came and the car.

And in the village of Sivash , in the Kherson region swept powerful tornado. Vortex was running about 10 minutes and managed to do a lot of trouble.