Justin Bieber has responded to allegations of rape

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Justin Bieber will be served by women of the court.

On Saturday evening, an anonymous woman on Twitter accused the popular singer Justin Bieber in sexual violence. The next day, Bieber used the same pad to deny the charges, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for a New Time.

In the anonymous Twitter account, the woman said that Bieber assaulted her at the Four Seasons hotel in Austin, Texas, March 9, 2014. That day the singer suddenly appeared at the music festival South By Southwest, which takes place in the city.

On Sunday, Bieber has used Twitter to deny the allegations. He provided a lot of evidence in the form of receipts, e-mails, messages on social networks to confirm that this did not happen.

“I don’t usually respond to such things because of my career, I was faced with random accusations, but after talking with my wife and I decided tonight to comment on this issue,” wrote Bieber on Twitter.

“Rumors is rumors, but sexual violence is something I cannot relate easily. I immediately wanted to speak, but out of respect for the many victims who are confronted daily with this, I wanted to make sure that you have gathered the facts before making any statements,” — said the singer.

Bieber wrote that “in this story there is no truth” and provided e-mails, receipts and articles, proving that he remained in the house, rented through Airbnb the night of the alleged assault. The singer said that at the time was with his then girlfriend Selena Gomez and their friends.

Completing a series of tweets, Bieber said that this incident was impossible, but believes that every sexual assault allegations should be taken seriously. He also said that he plans to sue the accuser.