In South Korea, announced a new wave of coronavirus

korona v yuzhnoj koree

Increased the number of new cases.

At the weekend, the South Korean authorities had record numbers of new TB cases COVID-19, reports the with reference to Browser.

Since the end of may, the country recorded daily 30 to 60 new patients. On Saturday, the number reached 67 people, which was a three-week record.

The head of the organization of the Centers for control and disease prevention (KCDC) South Korea’s Jeon Eun-Kyung said that in the capital Seoul and its surroundings is the second wave of infections coronavirus infection and the epidemic in the country could last until the autumn.

The Korean government added to the list of sources as high risk, four new retailers “door to door” logistics centers, large private Academy and catering establishments. They introduced a strict control over the observance of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures, threatening in case of violation a fine of 3 million won (2472) US dollar.

It is these places have recently become the new hot spots of HIV infection in the country. The number of cases of infection related to the sale of goods “door to door” at the present time has reached 194. Around 17 cases have been identified in the logistics centre confectionery Lotte Uywane, province of Kanghi.

The administration of Seoul issued a warning that the capital could be re-imposed a regime of strict social distance, if in the next three days daily increase in new infections exceeds an average of 30 persons or the number of hospital beds will be filled to 70% and more.

Daejeon in South Chungcheong province added on Sunday, 10 new cases, prompting the city to strengthen measures social distancing in just 45 days after the easing of the quarantine. Nine of the 17 major cities and provinces reported new cases COVID-19.

According to the Central headquarters for disaster relief and security, more than 42% of all cases of coronavirus in Korea – people aged 50 years and older.