In new York city dismantled a monument to Theodore Roosevelt


It was established in 1940.

In the United States continues the war against monuments, caused by the death of the African-American George Floyd. Another victim of racial tolerance has become a monument to U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt (the 26th US President from 1901 to 1909 — Ed.), the Chronicle with reference to Country.

His monument stood at the entrance to the American Museum of natural history in new York and now will be disassembled.

The Theodore Roosevelt monument was installed in 1940. The President is depicted on horseback. At the same time on both sides of the horse are Indian and African.

The decision to demolish the monument took the leadership of the Museum and agreed with him and the authorities in new York have the right to the monument.

Activists called for its demolition for many years. According to them, it became a symbol of colonial expansion and racial discrimination.

“The growing movement for racial justice, which arose after the murder of George Floyd, the last weeks were deeply stirred by the Museum community. We see how the country and the world are increasingly paying attention to the monuments, these destructive and powerful symbols of systemic racism,” said Museum President Ellen Fatter.

She noted that the monument to Theodore Roosevelt, it’s time to clean up, adding that the Museum “has nothing against” the policy.