In Kiev, some employees will be obliged to hand over monthly ELISA tests

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Who is obliged to do the test.

The headquarters for emergency situations of Kiev made the decision that ordered the owners and managers of several establishments in the city to organize testing of their employees for antibodies to coronavirus, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Information about mandatory testing, announced the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko during a traditional briefing.

Who will test the

Test will be workers

  • retailers,
  • catering establishments,
  • the domestic services sphere.

“We are talking about people who work in companies with a large number of visitors. And where a high probability of infection with coronavirus,” – said Vitaly Klitschko.

He also noted that such tests need to be done once a month.Important! In Kiev June 21, recorded 43 new cases of infection with coronavirus. Since the epidemic began in the capital found 4368 patients COVID-19, 98 of whom died from complications, recovered 1391 people.

To organize testing of their employees ELISA tests should owners and managers of these institutions.

What kind of ELISA tests

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is an immunological method for determining the presence of specific antigens, through the reaction of antigen-antibody. For ELISA studies are needed of the patient’s blood, or rather of the blood serum. This study, in contrast to the rapid tests are unable to carry out on the spot and in the laboratories. Apparatus ELISA are many and private, and government laboratories, so such research can do a lot, you only need the appropriate test system

Klitschko also noted that such tests can be taken in municipal medical institutions of Kiev, and in private clinics. In Kiev, one of the highest rates of testing in Ukraine – 67 tests per 100 thousand population.