Coronavirus in Ukraine: the number of infected exceeded 37 thousand

Victims COVID-19 since the beginning of the epidemic were 1012 Ukrainians

In Ukraine for the previous day, 21 June, recorded 681 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection.


In total in Ukraine, according to the monitoring system of the national security Council, confirmed the disease COVID-19 at least 37 241 people. The infection has already claimed the lives of 1012 Ukrainians (10 for the last day). Cure from a dangerous disease has been infected 642 16 (133 in the last day).

A new record for the infected in the Lviv region (+200), also many cases in Rivne (+91) and Volyn (+70). Thus in thirteen areas of new patients, or not identified, or less than ten.


We will note that recently in Ukraine increased growth in the number of patients COVID-19. In this regard, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the effect of the quarantine in Ukraine until 31 July. However, the government has identified the conditions under which can be tightened quarantine restrictions.

In addition, the Prime Minister of Denis Smigel ordered to strengthen control over the observance of quarantine in Ukraine to prevent an Italian or Spanish script with the coronavirus in the country.

We also reported that Ukraine should become one of the first countries, which will use a vaccine against coronavirus. This was stated by the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov.