Another 40 days in disguise: why extended the quarantine and when he was finally canceled

The website “Today” has collected together all the rules that must be observed to avoid infection with coronavirus

The expectations of the Ukrainians that in the country from June 22 to lift the quarantine, did not materialize. Without waiting for this date, the Cabinet announced that the quarantine is extended to 31 July. That is another 40 days. Why it happened and what is needed so that the country returned to normal life, to understand the website Today.

What authorities say


Reporting on the reasons for the extension of the quarantine, Premier Denis Shmyhal hinted that this is to blame the Ukrainians themselves.

“For a week, from 10 to 17 June, the country coronavirus infection have been identified in the 4853 people, this is the largest number for the time of the pandemic in Ukraine, – said the Prime Minister. – The weakening of quarantine measures is widely seen as a lifting of the quarantine, and we have today the first sad results. The virus has not disappeared and continues to threaten the health of the population”.

Two days later, Denis Shmyhal announced the beginning of the second wave of the epidemic.

“It’s not fake, and the danger that walks beside each of us,” – said the Prime Minister.


The world health organization (who) also reported that the world found itself in a new dangerous phase of the coronavirus.

Almost all, but gently

We will remind: on June 10, exactly a week before a government-backed proposal of the Ministry of health still to extend the quarantine, there was another weakening. In particular, let the hotels have opened hostels, restaurants, gyms, launched flights in the country. What restrictions are left – see infographic No. 1.

Инфографика №1

Infographics №1

However, all the previously imposed anti-epidemic measures (see No. 2) still need to be met in all public places. Then, according to the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Victor Liashko, the spread of the epidemic could have been avoided, despite the increased mobility of the population.


Инфографика №2

Infographics №2

Quarantine threatens again to tighten

And yet the fact that it is now to lift the quarantine from August 1. Moreover, Victor Lyashko warned that if the epidemic will not go further into decline, then the quarantine can again be tightened.

Given that the quarantine we have June 10 nationwide, and the adaptive, that is, the prohibitions in different localities varies: some, for example, restaurants and cafes, in other people, and to tighten it will be in each region in different ways. To introduce and revoke the ban will be the local authority. To say they are the same.

As explained by the Ministry of health, new pockets of the epidemic in the first place forbid:

  • the sports, cultural, religious and other mass events;
  • kindergartens;
  • work of hostels, hotels, lodges, resorts;
  • the work of cultural institutions, gyms, fitness centers;
  • the work of cafes and restaurants;
  • transportation of passengers in all modes of transport, including the subway.

Doctors: quarantine, weakened before


The Ministry of health, from the Minister of Maxim Stepanov, has sounded the alarm: Ukrainians do not comply with epidemiological standards. The most common violations the absence of masks and failure to a safe distance to transport and eateries.

“Anarchy complete from the point of view of compliance with the rules that we recommend. Look at what is happening on the street, takes place in restaurants, clubs, bars, on the beaches in Odessa. Therefore, it is difficult to restrain so coronavirus disease” – outraged the Minister.

Ordinary doctors believe that the quarantine was relaxed too soon.

“It was necessary to extend the more stringent quarantine, especially in large cities, says infectious disease physician from Kharkov Inna Andronovich. – In Kharkiv, now a significant increase in cases, and it is young people, many hospitals do not have enough beds. I’m sure the reason is that the young people resumed active communication, began to gather companies to violate a mask mode. Now these same companies are doing with the coronavirus at the infectious Department. But to close the transport such as, metro – no. From personal experience I can say that there is epidemiological limitations are respected”.

How not to get on the beach

A large increase in the disease now in three cities: Kiev, Kharkiv and Lviv. In the river the situation is better in Odessa, too, but in the five districts of Odessa region recorded outbreak of the virus. Last but not least they are connected with the beginning of the holiday season. Foci of infection – the beaches and foodservice. On the beaches people, despite the recommendations of the Ministry of health, are close, and food lined up a dense queue of tourists, between the tables, there is no distance of 2 meters.

The most famous Ukrainian doctor-the virologist, head of Department of viral infections, Institute of epidemiology and infectious diseases them. V., Professor Alla Mironenko told how to behave on vacation to minimize the risk of infection.

“The virus dies in the sun for 20 minutes, so at observance of a safe distance of 1.5 m between beds, you can safely sunbathe and swim, – said Alla Mironenko. – In the sand of the virus either. Mask on the beach is not necessary, although its presence requires. But children do not need to be hanging out on the beach and in other places with other people’s children, they can be asymptomatic carriers of the virus, and upon returning home, your child will infect the grandmother-the grandfather, who is at risk. It is also better to not eat in the cafe or dining room, and cook at home. Or choose where to comply with quarantine regulations: the tables are at a distance of 2 m from each other, the staff wearing masks and gloves, there is sanitizer, etc. Then the rest will be safe with you, the virus gets there.”

Economists: quarantine kills the business

But economists, unlike doctors, I doubt that drastic measures, such as discontinuance of transportation, the closure of the subway, catering facilities – will be applied.

“People “drive” in quarantine is not possible, people are tired of hiding from the coronavirus that need raising measures and effective control by the authorities, – said a member of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin. Even with this level of incidence, as we are now, epidemic in fact not: by the rules of the who, the epidemic is I get sick 5% of the population. We still have hurts 0.1%, but I can say that not all cases identified. Therefore, the authorities are just being cautious and rightly so.

Besides the return to old taboos finally will finish our economy, especially small and medium businesses. Broken companies do not generate income, and work they can’t because of the rigid quarantine. Therefore, economic growth in the first nor in the second half expected nothing, only further decline”.

President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko called concrete figures: the fall in GDP (value of all goods and services produced within the country) at the end of II quarter will amount to 10% (about 100 billion UAH). This, according to him, a lot.

“The extension of the quarantine does not work properly for small and medium businesses. And this is rising unemployment, low purchasing power of the population. No wonder we have such low inflation, there is no demand. Quarantine restrictions impact the consumption. Example: a cafe opened and immediately closed, unprofitable, including due to the reduction in the number of tables (the distance between them is more – so seats less). We need government support. And it’s not just cafes, but also agencies, private kindergartens, fitness centers and so on. The epidemic must be fought, monitoring the observance of anti-epidemic measures, helping entrepreneurs, rather than imposing sweeping prohibitions”, – said Alexander Okhrimenko.


Now we have to go in disguise, to comply with the safe social distancing and so on not until June 22, but much longer. As they say, “you ran”. And while each of us understand that a return to a normal life is first and foremost in our own hands, the lifting of quarantine we will have to wait a very long time. Perhaps even years.

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