A new phase of quarantine in Ukraine: what is forbidden from 22 June

The Cabinet decided to delegate to local authorities the right to open the cafe and Mall, while announced large-scale testing

Monday, June 22, was supposed to be the last day quarantine in Ukraine, but it did not happen: not waiting for that date, the Cabinet announced that the quarantine is extended to 31 July. Further restrictions are not yet planned, but will check more carefully and more often than usual.


Still not allowed to be in transport and public places (stores, bus stops, railway stations and so on) without masks. You can’t go out without ID. It is prohibited to voluntarily leave the place of isolation or observation (those who had contact with sick COVID-19 or returned to Ukraine from countries of the “red zone”).

First Deputy head of the State Commission of technogenic and ecological safety and emergency situations Alexey Chernyshov said on 20 June that a special attention should be paid to the implementation of quarantine measures catering establishments. Also under scrutiny will be food markets.

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“I believe that the need for mass inspection; at least 10 000 checks by state foods and consumer service compliance with food service establishments rules should be held as soon as next week. Also a certain danger exists for users transport – and care recommendations of MoH in all public places and institutions is extremely important. Otherwise, we can expect an even greater number of cases and, therefore, increasing restrictions,” the official said.


There will also be increased control over the implementation of anti-epidemic norms in the transportation of passengers by public transport, suburban railway and road transport, as well as inter-regional communication.

Possible tightening of quarantine

In turn, Deputy Minister of health and chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko said that from Monday, June 22, restrictions will be strengthened in those areas where the situation requires it.

“According to Viktor Lyashko, from June 22 is not mitigation, and the strengthening of quarantine restrictions where necessary. According to a government decree, greatly enhanced the role of the chief sanitary doctor of the region. In his view, the regional Board may consider closure of certain settlements or areas of activity”, — reported in a press-service of the government.

Changed criteria for the evaluation of morbidity in the regions. Exceeding one of the following indicators can serve as the basis for stricter quarantine

  • utilization of beds – more than 50%;
  • the average number of PCR – and ELISA-tests in less than 24 per 100 thousand of population during the week;
  • the infection rate COVID-19 – more than 11%, according to this formula:

  • an indicator of the growth in the incidence of COVID-19 – more than 8 cases (up from 12 cases) per 100 thousand population.


Similarly, the regional Commission of the Ministry of health on the proposal of the chief health officer of area will decide whether to limit the operation of cafes, restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, etc. While the Cabinet has removed its ban for Ukraine as a whole.

Note that in Ukraine continues to grow the number of infected coronavirus infection. In this regard, some regions and cities local authorities decided to tighten quarantine. Was no exception and Odessa – today, on June 22, the city stepped up anti-epidemic measures. According to the official website of the city, this decision was made by the Commission of TEB and an emergency of the Executive Committee of the Odessa city Council.

In addition, we will remind that earlier the Cabinet issued new rules adaptive quarantine.