Zelensky addressed to physicians on the occasion of their professional holiday

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Thanks to the doctors, the Ukraine has received a chance to survive.

On the international Day of medical worker, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky congratulated Ukrainian doctors and thanked them for their work, especially in the context of a pandemic coronavirus, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

According to him, thanks to the doctors, Ukraine received a chance to survive.

“Today with a heavy heart, we cannot fail to remember the 43 health workers who died opposing COVID-19. Now every doctor in fact is also at the forefront, fighting for our health and life. Ukrainian doctors are likened to the Ukrainian military who are defending the country in the East. And the families of doctors in the near future, should receive appropriate compensation,” said Zelensky.

He recalled that on 19 June took place the meeting of the government, which adopted a number of decisions to the physicians.

“In addition to 6.5 billion for construction across the country, emergency rooms, we additionally increase the cost of medicine by almost 8 billion Hence all medical institutions, which because of the old reform was on the verge of closing, will be dofinansirovaniyu and saved. 1.2 billion UAH will be directed to emergency medical care. As of 1 September, all the medical staff will be increased wage by 25, 50 and 70 percent, depending on their category”, – the President promised.

He once again congratulated each Ukrainian physician, regardless of the category, – known academics and doctors and nurses and ambulance drivers.

“For us, you all are the best. For us, you all deserved. For us, all of you People with a capital” – summed up Zelensky.

Recall, the Day of medical worker in Ukraine in 2020 is celebrated on June 21. This professional holiday was established by presidential decree in 1994 and since then is celebrated every third Sunday of June.