The victim of the explosion in Kiev: the Police kicked the door, said you wanted to eat and drink

The man admitted that going into the apartment, the cops just went straight to the fridge

After the explosion on Poznyaky in Kiev, where it was destroyed several floors of high-rise buildings on the street Krushelnytska, one of the tenants of the building told how his door was crammed with police demanding food and drink.


Video with a story from Kiev on his page in Facebook posted the journalist Mariana of Piecuch.

According to the man, the police knocked at his door while he was in the room, and when I opened the door and immediately went to the refrigerator.

“I knocked the door, the police… And why blow? Said that I didn’t hear me knock, even though I was in the room. I started to break open doors, I opened. I opened the door, ran to me three. I’m in shock… they said They want to eat and drink, and ran immediately into the fridge to me,” he said.


In addition, the man said that he offered his “guests” plates, “and they told me what plates? You see, that’s where the corpses are, what plates?”.

“- So you give them to eat? I don’t mind, but out of the pan just ugly, I say I’ll give you the plates. And water from the tap… I Have water, clean, drinking, beside the bed. Say – I will be right back, I’m not against it. Say, all, take the money and passport and leave,” – said from Kiev.

Journalists “Today” decided to find out in the Darnytsia police Department, how the story of a man may be true.

“Ran some strange man told me., but I don’t know who broke in, took it from him, not taken, not yet have such information. Let’s wait for the testing”, – stated in the office our reporter.

According to police, at present, data collected, and the details will be announced tomorrow.

We recall the morning of 21 June, the house on the street Krushelnytska in the Darnytsia district of the capital was rocked by a powerful explosion in which result were destroyed floors four through seven. Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal took the situation under his personal control.


Rescuers said that they found the body of one victim and deblocked three tenants. The search for three more people continue.