Putin told whether he plans to again run for the presidency


To do this, there is one condition.

The head of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that will probably run for President for another term, if the government accepts the amendment of the Constitution, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

He said this in an interview for the film “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin is” one of the Russian channels. However, he urged officials not to seek a successor now, and “doing the direct work.”

“We have to work, and not successors to look. I haven’t decided yet. But do not rule out the possibility of running if it is there in the Constitution. Let’s see, we’ll see,” said the Russian leader.

The Russian leader added, saying if the adoption of this amendment will not, in a few years, instead of the normal rhythmic work on so many levels of power “will begin the roving eyes in search of possible successors.

Note that Putin is absolutely convinced of the correctness of the proposed amendments to the basic law of the Russian Federation. According to him, that this “proved by the events of recent months.”

“The existing Constitution was adopted in the special period, in conditions of acute political crisis, when the tanks fired on the Parliament in Moscow were clashes with the victims. Today, thank God, stable political situation, but there are other things related to our sovereignty,” he concluded.