Named the country with the most expensive and the cheapest Internet


Cost of 1GB of mobile Internet in Ukraine is at the level of 46 cents.

Tariffs for mobile Internet in Ukraine are among the cheapest in the world. So the cost of 1 GB of mobile Internet averages 46 cents (in recalculation for dollars). Cheaper Internet will cost only residents of Italy (43 per cent), Kyrgyzstan (21 per cent), Israel (11 cents) and India (9 per cent), reports the with reference to Comments.

At the same time the most expensive Internet in the world on the island of St. Helena, its cost in this region is 52,20 USD. Next in the ranking of the Falkland Islands (40,41 dollars.) in the small country of Nauru on the eponymous coral island in the Western Pacific ocean (30,47 dollars.) in Bermuda (28,75 USD), and in the island nation in Central Africa Sao Tome and Principe (28,26 dollars).

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