Moscow drowned after heavy rainfall: some areas are completely transformed into lakes (photos and video)

The downpour, which began on 20 June, flooded the capital of the Russian Federation and surroundings

On Saturday, June 20, in Moscow and around noon began the terrible rain, the strongest over the past three years from the time when the capital of the Russian Federation passed a hurricane. After an hour and a half, Moscow has turned into a completely flooded city. Some areas, especially in the South of Moscow, it was turned into a lake.


Flooded Varshavskoe shosse, Prospekt Andropova, Eastern Biryulevo, and many others. Social media users post a video of flooded streets, flooded by water, with pools instead of underground passages and rivers instead of streets. Only lucky Vorobyov mountains and Hills, where on the hills the yards and streets are not flooded.

The whole of Moscow came to a standstill in a huge traffic jam. But the evening weather forecasters promise a repetition of the stormy rain.


Two people were injured by lightning in the Park Kolomenskoye. The man and the woman had lost feeling in his legs.

We will remind that on July 18 a severe tropical storm shower and thunderstorm marched through the South of Ukraine. In the Odessa region in one of the villages flooded home, one of them collapsed.


And in Kiev, several days in a row there was a brief, but quite heavy showers. As a result of floods that covered the city during the second half of the day on Wednesday, June 17, streams of water we flooded the streets in several districts of the city.