Lesya Nikityuk showed itself in his youth and remember his first love

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Presenter shared the photo taken in 2005

Lesya Nikityuk regularly leads his Instagram page and fans happy sparkling trademark humor and colorful sketches of life and also do not forget about our favorite ruble – image of the day and sewed. Here are archived images appear in the profile of a star not often, but her followers wonder how the media personality looked up to popularity. So, Lady Le decided to show himself as a 17-year-old on archival photo and talk about raging on photo passions. Of course, for young people, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

In 2005 Les was a bright blonde with slightly curly hair. She poses in a red top with pattern-print jeans with a low waistline, generously studded with rhinestones on the waist. Judging by the frame, next to her is a young man, but the action in the background much more interesting.

“On Dvor 2005, meni 17 … I discotec. In the photo I DJ Nascom. He then meni duzhe NRA. And Yogo Biwa drilling me with the look (see photo). Spades sho LD I DJ live happy, in them 3-kids – I stink now OBO to svelati see me on TV” — with humor signed archivni the Les.

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The leading members had examined the frame and shared emotions from the sight.

  • Even then look at you with envy
  • Beauty
  • Great photo
  • Did not change!
  • Obonyo ti chasi (vojtisek).And VI is not Smylie s that rock
  • Mila duchini
  • And you don’t itsname. Have vsih Buli jeans-batrovci then
  • Krsna
  • Wow Yak Department
  • Yak Bula beautiful, so I salicylate