In Odessa on the coast of the spilled fuel


Now there is no swimming.

Off the coast of Odessa spilled fuel from the sunken tanker Delphi. The stain the spill has already reached a significant size and spread toward the beach, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

The ship wrecked near the Odessa coast November 22, 2019. The authorities promised to remove the tanker before the start of the holiday season, but it remained in place.

In the accident of the tanker was contaminated coast. It later emerged that the ship had problems with shipping documents and he could be used for smuggling oil.

In Department of municipal economy of the Odessa city Council said that after lunch was taken the sorbent at the scene and spilling fuel was quickly contained.

At the moment is working with people to people explain that swimming in the sea impossible. Specialists made the measurements of water quality.