In “kyivgas” told about results of check of the house before the explosion


The network in this house was satisfactory.

The day before the explosion on Poznyaky in Kiev, where it was destroyed several floors of high-rise buildings on the street Krushelnytska, in house checking of counters, reports the with reference for Today.

This was stated by the representative of the company “kyivgaz” Elena Michurina, adding that the network in this house was satisfactory.

According to her, calibration of gas meters is a standard mandatory procedure.

“Not only in this house, but in Kiev there are not replacement, and verification. Shot not only last week, and in the course of a month. This is a mandatory daily work “Kyivgas”. We have graphics, we inform on the website, it’s not that unique of a procedure that was only in this house,” she said.

Michurina assured that the test is held once in eight years: the counters are removed in order to check whether they are intact, and in its place put the plug. Then it checks the possibility of a gas leak.

At the time of stay of employees of the company in the house the smell of gas was not, she said.

“Put a kind of plug, and then checked for gas leaks. That is, in the period when there were our employees, no complaints and the smell of gas was not,” she said.

On the question of complained if residents smell gas after testing of meters, Michurina responded that these data will clarify later.

“Whether there were requests from residents, should be clarified with your colleagues, because right now no such information. General condition of gas networks in the house, as far as I know in advance, then everything is okay, the satisfactory condition of the networks, but it is necessary to clarify” she explained.

According to the representative of “Kievgas” the cause of the explosion is impossible to find out until the investigation and provision of official conclusions.

“The message (about the bombing – Ed.) we got at ten o’clock, and left at once for gas service, because the house gasified. Reasons now it is impossible to know because no one is allowed there, now rescuers dismantle the wall and very carefully, because there is a threat that will collapse further. That is, to allow the gas there today definitely will fail,” she said.

Michurin pointed out that the company immediately shut off the supply of gas to the entire house, not to a deteriorating situation.

“Now all the leadership here is in place, representatives of gschs, the representatives of “Kievgas” and only after the conclusion of this Commission will be to draw conclusions about the causes of the explosion – whether it was gas or explosive, or something else,” she added.