In Japan, the airline will pay 1.4 thousand dollars in aid each employee


The payment they will receive in early July.

Employees of Japanese airline Japan Airlines will receive financial assistance from the company’s management. Each employee and their company more than 36 thousand, are entitled to the extraordinary remuneration, which will amount to 1.4 thousand dollars. It is believed that the benefit must materially support employees who suffered during the epidemic of the coronavirus. Moreover, the fee may count any employee, of which there are in the state of the airline, more than 36 thousand people, reports the with reference to Comments.

Cash payments the employees will receive in early July. In order to Express their solidarity with the workers of Japan Airlines, the head of the company and Chairman of the Board JAL Asigaru Ueki decided to abandon their summer premiums and bonuses.

Note that the loss of one of the largest Japanese airlines, Japan Airlines, in connection with the pandemic coronavirus during the first three months of this year amounted to about 215 million dollars.

According to current data, during the spread of the novel coronavirus, it has infected more than 8.6 million people, about 460 thousand cases were fatal.