Freed from the captivity of “DNR” Valentine Buchok blown up by stretching

The victim is in the hospital

In the Donetsk region, a former prisoner of the so-called “DNR”, the activist Valentina Buchok blown up by stretching. This was reported by the physician of the 128th brigade APU Tatiana Borisenko on the page in Facebook.


The medic said that the incident occurred on June 20 near the house of the victim.

“Today near his home blown up by stretching, which established unknown, Valentine Bucak, a woman who was in captivity for more than a year, which was filmed in the movie “Isolation”, which is not silent that is telling the truth, now in hospital”, – said Borisenko.

Also the incident was reported Natspolitsiya. The press service noted that at the site of the explosion worked, investigators, cynologists and bomb experts.


“Preliminary legal qualification of the events of article 15 (Attempted crime), article 115 (Premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine”, – militiamen noted.

Note, this is not the first case of attempt at Valentina Buchok. “Today” earlier it was described how a former prisoner of the militants threw a grenade into the garden. Fortunately, has done without victims. Death trap found in the garden of her husband. He is military and in that moment was in holiday. Went to mow the grass at the house and saw a grenade fastened to a thin wire.