Experts reminded why the heat in the car is not worth anything to write

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There is a dangerous greenhouse effect.

Heat – a thing unpleasant, and even dangerous in itself, and the enhanced greenhouse effect, it becomes a killer. We understand why and how the inside of the car parked in the sun, turns to hell, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Modern cars have a large glass area, so the sun easily heats the interior air in the cabin. The temperature in the car exceeds the “outboard” by tens of degrees – all because of the greenhouse effect.

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It is hard to believe, but the interior temperature can reach +60°C. So that most materials used in the interior is designed for such temperature, and deteriorate once they shouldn’t. But the question is that the car under such conditions may prove to be something of an outsider – that is less temperature stable items, and most importantly, living beings, people or animals.

And so it turns out that often in the car in the heat, leave those who will not be able to refuse strongly and humbly agrees to this – children. And it’s bad because it’s simultaneously the most vulnerable and helpless in the category of passengers. And how many will be able to withstand a weak body at +50°C, and even with limited oxygen?

Yes, there are ways to reduce the temperature in the closed cabin to keep the Windows open and the hatch cover windshield reflective screen. But this is not a solution for those cases when the car left the living organism – the car on a hot Parking must be completely empty.

By the way, “inanimate objects” also there is a list of restrictions. Some plastic objects in a hot cabin, and even in the open sun place (dashboard, rear shelf) can literally melt, spoil yourself and spoil the interior.

Moreover, there is a list of items that are simply dangerous to leave in the car that may soon heat up.

  • Small articles of thermoplastic plastics, especially in sun-exposed areas
  • Lighters, spray cans
  • Carbonated beverages in hermetically sealed containers: beer, fruit water, mineral water, champagne etc.
  • Fermented milk drinks in their own containers: kefir, yogurt, koumiss
  • Gadgets with battery

The danger of these products is that they can melt, and the containers sealed and the battery to explode. From fragments and debris can hurt people, but to the substances contained in the destroyed pressure container, damaged upholstery. And the explosion of bottles and bags sometimes it happens at the time of the opening of the trunk lid or door when the pressure of heated air in the internal volume of the car suddenly drops.

In any case, the car should not be fried in direct sunlight, so find a way to avoid this when looking for a Parking spot on a hot day. In extreme cases, have solar-reflecting screens that cover the large Windows of your car, if you have to leave it in the sun. It will not allow the interior temperature to reach fifty degrees and more. But in any case, do not leave anyone in a closed car on a hot day.