An explosion in a Kyiv high-rise building: all the details of the emergency on Poznyaky

Under the ruins of the house the person died

In Kiev, where the earlier explosion in the area of construction Shulyavska overpass, there was another emergency. As reported by the State service for emergency situations, on the morning of June 21 in the residential area Poznyaki, which is located in Darnitskiy district of the capital, the gas exploded in a ten-storied house on the street Krushelnytska, 1/5. As a result collapsed the ceiling between the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh floors.


News “Today” closely monitoring the situation.

21 Jun

16:27 the day before the explosion in the house carried out an inspection of gas meters. This was stated by the representative of the company “kyivgaz” Elena Michurina, adding that the network in this house was satisfactory.


According to her, calibration of gas meters is a standard mandatory procedure.

16:26 In the Internet appeared the video shot inside was destroyed by the explosion of apartment house in pozniaki.

Warning: video may contain profanity.

15:56 into the explosion in a residential building in Darnytskyi district of Kiev, on 21 June opened criminal proceedings for violations of the legislation requirements of fire safety when handling gas that has led to serious consequences (part 2 of article 270 of the criminal code of Ukraine).


15:39 of the gas company and all other utilities, which served the house in Darnytskyi district of Kyiv, where on 21 June the explosion occurred, are searched. On the 21st of June the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

15:30 In that part of the house which has suffered from explosion in the capital Kiev, there were more than 100 people. This was at the scene, said Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko.

15:01 Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal took the situation under his personal control and expressed condolences to the families of the victims. In turn, the Cabinet of Ministers will examine possible causes of the explosion and will do everything possible to help the victims. This was stated by Denis Shmyhal in his Telegram channel.

14:35the Explosion was so powerful that damaged apartments the upper floors, and the blast left a crack in the ground. About this site “Today,” said the head of the Department of communication of SSES in Kiev Svetlana Vodolaga.

“The first inspection of the scene, according to preliminary findings, the explosion was most likely on the sixth floor. What has exploded is unknown. Investigated, as the explosion of the unknown device,” said Svetlana Vodolaga.

According to her, the power of the explosion was enough to shock wave went into the ground.


14:09 According to eyewitnesses, rescuers had to evacuate the surviving residents through the roof.

14:04 fortunately, information about the two dead have not been confirmed. The press officer of the State service for emergency situations Lieutenant Alexander said that the deceased elderly woman.

13:27 Under the rubble may remain from two to six people, reported in his Telegram-channel Vitali Klitschko.

13:19 According to locals, four days ago the house changed the counters, and since then, people clearly heard the smell of gas, told the correspondent of TV channel “Ukraine 24” one of the tenants.

12:58 sorry, one corpse did not stop: on the scene found the body of a second victim.

12:46 the place of emergency there has arrived the mayor of the city Vitali Klitschko. During the briefing he stated that the building should be dismantled because the building badly damaged.

“There is fragmentary, we see that the key things on which rests the building, structural elements damaged badly enough. First, I can say that we will need to examine this house,” the mayor said.

According to him, residents of apartment buildings temporarily accommodated at the boarding school at Kharkiv highway. In addition, near the house will set a tent camp, the scene will be day to work rescuers.

12:30 Official Telegram channel of the Kyiv city state administration (KCSA) reported that due to the rescue work traffic on the Avenue Grigorenko (from the S. Krushelnytska street to the Avenue Grigorenko, 41) completely blocked.

12:22 In a Network there were first records made on the scene with quadcopters. The rollers are visible amounts of damage, and you can also notice that the shock wave flashed through the high-rise building – through the back wall the side of the building you can see the house opposite.

12:01 In the surrounding buildings shut off the gas, writes local resident Alla Nikolaenko in Facebook. And another network user under the name Gina Blake said that the visitors is located next to a shopping center and thought it blew up someone’s car.

“The smoke cleared and revealed the terrible!” – she wrote.

11:53 it Became known that the victims of the explosion of the house was taken to the hospital. Comments about this site, “Today,” said Roman Tkachuk, head of the Department of civil protection of Kyiv city state administration.

“There are victims, there are victims, the hospital was taken. While one can see the deceased”, he said.

The lifeguard warned thatthere is a threat of further destruction of the building. At the same time, Tkachuk did not comment on the cause of the explosion, saying it will deal with this consequence.

11:00 unfortunately, not without casualties –rescuers found under the rubble of the house of the deceased. About it reported in Public service on emergency situations.

Evacuated 21 people from the rubble, rescued three victims. While rescue workers continue to evacuate residents. At the place of work 75 rescuers and 15 units of equipment.

10:42 in addition to photos,the first few seconds after the incident was recorded on the formonthe beholder.

Attention! Video contains foul language!

The footage can be seen after powerful explosions of flats cover the smoke, but bystanders can’t hold back emotions.

Later, the Network has posted another video taken on the scene of the incident.

10:34Of the explosion became known thanks to the first publication of photos on social networks. Next came the official message of the press service of the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations.

“June 21 at 10:00 in Darnytskyi area on the street Grigorenko, 41in a ten-storied building, an explosion occurred ina pre-gas mixture with subsequent destruction of the floors 4, 5, 6, 7 floors”, – said the press service of the SSES on page offices in Facebook.

“On a scene employees of gschs and the National police. From the SSES involved 46 personnel and 9 units of equipment”, – reported rescuers.