A vacation in Ukraine where you can go and how much it will cost the rest

Popular this year will enjoy a small town with attractions

Because of the raging pandemic of mers and quarantine a holiday abroad for many Ukrainians fell. Despite the fact that from 15 June Ukraine started to resume international flights, not all countries are ready to accept tourists. Yes and there is always the danger of being in the epicenter of the new outbreak abroad with the subsequent lockdown.


That is why many Ukrainians prefer to choose vacation spots within their own country. The website “Today” tells where this summer you can relax in Ukraine and how much it will cost.

Ukrainians are afraid to plan vacation

In many countries, the quarantine gradually soften, but tourists don’t buy plane tickets, reserve hotels, afraid to be in an unpredictable situation.

Sergey Bobyrev, Director of travel Agency “TPG Vinnitsa”, comments, “Today” noted that the Ukrainian tourist is scared and in no hurry to fly the beloved country, although from July 1, open popular destinations: Turkey, Egypt, Montenegro, Cyprus.

“Travel agencies queries is extremely small. The queries mainly information and consulting, real orders with payment for the tour until the unit. But the fatigue factor and the long-awaited meeting with Marcom will not go away, so all will be adjusted, and tourists will go “slender columns” in the Agency, as pent-up demand there,” — said Bobylev.

The tour company “Kraina UA” tell that most of them tourists buy tours only for the near future, high – to late summer.

“We can’t exactly predict the situation in future and if we are waiting for the second wave of the quarantine in the fall. Therefore, travel in the “here and now”, to catch up and enjoy summer!” — the company says.

Where to go in Ukraine


Ukraine is rich in various attractions, historic castles and incredible landscapes. Besides, there are many unusual and promising tourist destinations, which are still poorly developed.

Travel company “ethnical tour” tell that, as before, the actual direction will remain near water or in cool mountains.

“The Carpathians, Bukovel, Dragobrat, hot springs shoreline, Shatsky lakes, Odessa, Lvov,” — said in the company.

Яремче, Карпаты

Yaremche, Carpathians

In “Kraina UA” expect increased demand for travel within the country, but I assume that people will spend on travel is much less than before the quarantine.

“Now that tours are only beginning to resume, the popular one-day countryside tour from Kiev. This “flooded Church” near Rzhyshchiv, and various routes in Chernihiv region, to travel to Uman, Tasminsky and Buksky canyon. In the second half of the summer we plan to do a long trip for 5-7 days in a small vacation. It will be tours shatskiye lake, on the Azov sea and the Black sea, the Carpathians, the Carpathians and the Dniester with its incredible scenery,” — say in the company.


Озеро Свитязь, Шацкий природный парк на Волыни

Lake Svityaz, Shatsk natural Park in Volyn region

Experts also noted that very promising in terms of tourism Vinnytsia oblast: there are many attractions, castles, churches, beautiful natural places. For example, Hitler’s headquarters “Werewolf”, Potocki Palace, the Palace of count Ksido, the estate Potocki, etc.

Overall, this year will be the year of the opening of small towns. Igor Chava, an analyst at the Agency of tourism initiatives, says that the majority of Ukrainians who travel around the country, been to the top tourist cities — Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa. Most likely, now in the city tourists will go less due to crowds of people.

“Therefore, the request this year will be at the new location. Motivation: new city — new experiences, photos, places, and these cities are not crowded with tourists, more secure. Of course, for one of the locations tourists will not go, so people will work their routes in small towns where they haven’t been, but heard about them. Example — the city of Drohobych, where tourists come for history and impressions, visiting the oldest enterprise of Ukraine engaged salt-making craft factory, which works from the XIV century. And then are traveling further, visiting the city of Boryslav, where Rockefeller had his company; Nahuievychi where he was born Ivan Franko and there is an interesting alley of fairy tales for children, the medieval fortress of Tustan, which was the custom in IX-XVI,” says Chava.

Andrei Zayats, Director of the International film festival “Brucella” in Kamenetz-Podolsk, said that interesting and affordable for Ukrainian tourists will travel to various festivals in Kamenetz-Podolsk, which is not only a great number of architectural monuments, but also is an outstanding Ukrainian festival centre.

“There are various cultural activities, ethnographic, historical, music, art, film and other festivals. The city is not one year fighting for the title of festival capital of Ukraine. It is for these activities to the city annually attracts thousands of tourists. What could be interesting for Ukrainian tourists in 2020-2021 years? Multi-day trip and rafting on the river Dniester, package holidays-travel “Kamyanets-Podilsky – Khotyn – Chernivtsi – Kamianets-Podilskyi” the family ballooning, extreme airplane flights over the old town and the “unformatted” excursions in the format of “witch-hunt” — said the expert.


Фестиваль воздушных шаров в Каменец-Подольском

Balloon festival in Kamyanets-Podilskyi

The cost of recreation in Ukraine

Due to the difficult economic situation, not everyone can afford a long vacation. However, it is possible to find budget options.

Sergey Bobyrev says that one of the factors which reduced the number of tourists abroad, will be the lack of financial ability to buy a foreign tour.

“Rest in Zatoka will be released for the same cost as a budget hotel in Turkey, working on system “All inclusive”, but the fear factor is overrated, and tourists are increasingly considering the black sea coast. So, in the azure, southern, Gulf, Iron port or Koblevo the price ranges from 250 UAH per day for tourist and up to 1500 UAH. And it is only accommodation, no meals, road to the resort (bus travel in two directions from Vinnitsa to Koblevo — 900 UAH per person, for example), entertainment, alcohol, and snacks for children,” says Bobylev.

In General, prices for tours vary. Kraina UA to say that they have prices for tours this summer will be the same as last year.

“To raise the cost of not planning. Day tours from Kiev with travel, lunch, excursions and entrance fees are in the range of 500-850 UAH. Large programs (5-7 days) travel by coach from Kiev, about UAH 5,000,” said a tour operator.

Trip to Ukraine, you can choose to your taste and budget.

“The cost of the trip will vary depending on direction, choice of hotel and room category of accommodation, the average check will be 2000-4000 UAH”, — added in “ethnical tour”

OLX real Estate analysts say that a large selection of apartments for rent Odessa is different — there are more than 1.5 million ads, and it is many times more than in other directions. In the city you can find both budget odnushki for 500 UAH per day, and more spacious three-pointers 1250 UAH. For those wishing to spend a holiday at the sea of Azov Berdyansk fit. Rental prices of housing here are a pleasant surprise — for example, you can remove one housing for 300 UAH per day.

“The black sea in Odessa region is ideal for those who want to escape from the city noise. A day in the house ask an average of 1,500 UAH. Odnushki and kopeck piece, of course, cheaper is 450 UAH and 500 UAH/day, respectively. Three-pointers in the price almost equal houses — the landlords to offer them in an average of 1000 UAH per day,” the company says.



If like more of a mountain, in the Carpathians, budget to rent a house in the village or kopeck piece in the Coast for 300 and 200 UAH per day, respectively.

“Most of the proposals can now be found in Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. A day in the house will ask in average of 1000 UAH. In less ads about the rent of the separate accommodation — about 30, and living here is more expensive — 1200 UAH/day. In the popular line, which also has a convenient railway communication, Vorokhta, you can rent a house for only 500 UAH per day,” concluded analysts at OLX.

Where else can you go on vacation in Ukraine, see the story “Today”: