The Cabinet recommends enterprises to start their work day later


Suggest to take these measures to limit the concentrations of people in public transport.

The Cabinet of Ministers recommended that businesses start working day for workers at 9:00, 10:00 or at a later time during the quarantine, reports the with reference to Browser.

This is stated in the decree of the government No. 500. It is noted that these measures suggest to take for limiting crowds in public transport.

According to this decree, state agencies and local governments, as well as enterprises, institutions, organizations (regardless of ownership) must provide for the quarantine period, flexible working hours or send employees to remote work.

One concerning the recommendation to start the day after 10:00:

  • enterprises of wholesale and retail trade;
  • companies engaged in the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles;
  • enterprises engaged in postal and courier activities;
  • enterprises involved in temporary accommodation and catering;
  • companies that conduct insurance activities
  • of educational institutions;
  • institutions of social assistance;
  • art institutions and sports;
  • industries entertainment and recreation.

Also, local governments are recommended to develop or adjust the routes of movement of public transport , given the changed schedules of work of enterprises, institutions and organizations to enable movement of workers to and from work.