The Cabinet has called the conditions for stricter quarantine

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The Cabinet has introduced new indicators.

The government will make decisions on the strengthening of quarantine restrictions by the new method, reports the with reference in Word and Deed.

The corresponding decree of the Cabinet of Ministers published on the government portal on Friday, June 19.

The rules will take effect Monday, June 22. In particular, the Cabinet decided to abandon the increased incidence and introduced new indicators.

Under the new rules the region with a high prevalence COVID-19 is the area where there is one of these signs:

  • utilization of beds in health care institutions more than 50%;
  • the average number of PCR-studies and ELISA tests in less than 24 per 100 thousand of the population during the week;
  • the factor identifying cases of coronavirus more than 11%;
  • an indicator of the growth of cases COVID-19 more than 10%.

However, an indicator of the growth is applied when you register more than 8 cases per 100 thousand population in the last seven days.

In addition, the quarantine tougher by the decision of the regional Commission of emergency situations, which was adopted on the proposal of the chief state sanitary doctor of the region. The decision to strengthen the quarantine is cancelled no earlier than 7 days after its adoption taking into account the epidemiological situation in the region.