Rescuers explained the origin of the “nuclear mushroom” in the sky over Kiev


This is a rare occurrence.

The State service for emergency situations explained why the 19th of June over Kiev on the Ring you could see an unusual cloud in the form of a “mushroom” or “funnel”. According to rescuers, this is one of the types of cumulonimbus clouds called the anvil, reports the with reference to Country.

According to rescuers, this phenomenon is quite rare. Such a cloud is formed on the leeward crests of the waves, caused by wind overcoming obstacles.

“The clouds do not move, however strong the wind was. Subsequently, these clouds transformirovalsya in normal air mass”, — explained in a press-service gschs.

A few years ago these clouds were observed in the Kyiv region, earlier in Ternopil, Vinnytsia regions.