Psychologists have described how isolation affects relationships and what to do with it


Self-isolation can help couples to identify the problems in the relationship.

Self-isolation has changed the lives of many and continues to dictate the rules. After all, before couples who live together, usually seen only a few hours a day, now they are together 24/7, and it certainly will have an imprint on the relationship. Therefore, the appearance of some problems in a couple is absolutely fine at this time, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Psychologists say that it is one thing to carry out with a partner a lazy weekend at home, but quite another life during the quarantine. It becomes more like the survival in a confined space. Self-isolation can help couples to identify the problems in the relationship.

After all, modern couples have never been in such conditions, so they don’t know what is normal and what is not. So examine these seven problems that you are probably now experiencing, and which are completely normal even in a happy, healthy relationship.

7 problems that are normal for couples to isolation

  • You are now talking less

Psychologists say that this is quite normal in any long term relationship. And all because you know your partner, understand that he/she will say in certain situations, so I can not talk about it.

Besides, now, when you spend all day at home together, you don’t even have the usual options to start the conversation, “how was your day?”, after all, you yourself saw everything.

How to solve this problem? Experts advise to take the time to talk and get to know each other deeper. For example, ask: “What do you want to do when this is all over?” or “if actually, how are you feeling today?” Try to ask about plans for the future. And remember that it’s okay if you both feel the stress and contraction.

  • You sometimes want to be alone

Undoubtedly, you love your partner, but sometimes each person need to be alone to maintain individual life and to maintain prudence.

The best solution to this problem is to create personal space. Can, for example, go for a walk alone, to partner can be alone with yourself. Or work in different rooms and define the hours you will spend together. So don’t hesitate to ask about loneliness, if you feel the need.

  • You have less sex

During this period, couples can relive stress, even if they do not realize it. Yes, and not quite romantic walking around the house in sweat pants and less likely to put himself in order.

But if you have less sex in a relationship, do not worry that you are no more sparks, because such a state during a quarantine is fine. Better focus on emotional connection, which is now increasing between you.

  • You can’t find the solution in some conflicts

Even the happiest couples know that some conflicts are inevitable, and not every minor issue to make out the details. After all, the real goal of a lasting relationship is a partnership that will help you to live a happy life. So if you decided for yourself that you are with this person for a long time, it is better not to prove his innocence in conflicts and look for compromises.

  • Experience irritation for nothing

Your favorite can scatter things around the room instead of put them in the closet, or the girl may keep your cosmetics on bathroom shelves and the like. For a period of quarantine when you are constantly together, all of these habits can irritate you even more and this can not hide.

Psychologists say, this is what distinguishes a healthy relationship from an unhappy regardless of how much you are annoyed by the habits of a loved one, you know she/he is so patient to all your habits. And you’re exactly accustomed to such things.

  • You often argue

Now the irritating factors in life become more and relieve stress you can now only with a partner. So if you began to quarrel more often, then understand that it is natural. Just make sure these arguments don’t cross the line of common sense (you don’t insult each other, ask questions, and do not blame). In a healthy relationship should be happy moments more than the fighting, so be patient when the conflict actually arises.

  • You become bored together

During the quarantine, it is difficult to maintain the romance, because you are constantly together. Besides, until you can visit your favorite restaurants or travel the world. So easy to feel boredom in all spheres of life, especially personal. The biggest problem is that he/she will entertain you, because only you can control your feelings and influence your status.

To kill boredom, if given the opportunity soul mate feel special. For example, buy in the supermarket sweets partner or a romantic dinner.