Jamal gave birth to a second Prince

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The kid was punctual.

Singer Jamal, who previously got naked in the bathroom, became a mother for the second time. 36-year-old Ukrainian singer announced the birth of a child on Saturday morning, June 20. She also declassified the sex of the baby and his name, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

Visit Jamala in Instagram post appeared, in which the singer shared the happy news with her fans – her family is replenishment.

“Salaam Alaikum! Welcome to our band! My second Prince Selim Giray seit-Bekir Oglu Suleymanov! 19.06 born with a punctual baby. According to statistics included in the 4%, as he was born in the forecasted date, that in his time,” wrote JHA.

Thus, it became known that the actress gave birth to a boy, who was named Selim Giray. In the post Jamal added a photo with her husband Bekir and his eldest son – Amir-Rahman made before the second birth, as well as fresh the from the hospital.

The celebrity gave birth in a private maternity hospital in Kiev, where were born the children of other Ukrainian celebrities.

Recall that the first child Jamala Emir-Rahman was born 27 March 2018. This year, the son of actress age of 2 years.