In China identified the source of the new outbreak of the coronavirus in Beijing


The virus is of European origin.

After China passed to the world health organization the genome of the coronavirus, which spreads in Beijing, the country has stated that this is the European strain of the virus. Collected information about the strain on June 11, reports the with reference to Country.

Data published by the national center for Microbiology of China. Information about the genomes based on three samples of the virus — two human and one from the environment. They were collected on June 11. That day in Beijing was the first recorded new case of coronavirus in recent months. Since then, the number of patients has increased to 183.

Prior to the publication of data on genome Chinese scientists have suggested that the Beijing strain is similar to the European, but not necessarily came directly from Europe. The market, which has become the source of new outbreaks, while is closed, and the district entered as military time.