The Hubble telescope has revealed the nebula “Jewel beetle” and “Butterfly”


The nebula received the name because of insects.

Scientists showed photos of nebulae “Jewel beetle” and “Butterfly”, done with the help of the Hubble telescope. The pictures appeared on the official NASA Instagram page and on the website of the telescope, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

The photograph shows the nebula NGC 7027 or “Jewel beetle”. It got its name from the resemblance to terrestrial insects.

According to the observations of astronomers, until recently, the space object slowly swelled. In addition, were found “unprecedented levels of complexity” and sudden changes in gas bubbles exploding in the centre of the nebula.

The second photo shows the planetary nebula NGC 7027 and the surrounding. Also the telescope was removed nebula NGC 6303, called “Butterfly” because of the resemblance to wings.

The astronomers noted that these pictures represented the full range of imaging of the Hubble telescope.