The health Ministry showed many Ukrainians would have died from COVID-19 without quarantine

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Possible scenarios of the course of the pandemic.

The Ministry of health has published an analysis of the current situation in Ukraine in comparison with the world situation, and also showed how many Ukrainians would die of complications if the quarantine was imposed, reports the with reference to Country.

So, if the authorities imposed a quarantine on March 12, the end of the year the number of deaths from complications of coronavirus could reach an average of 125 thousand people.


On the same condition, now Ukraine would take place the peak incidence of coronavirus with mortality from one thousand to three thousand people per day.


In any scenario, the introduction of quarantine helped to save the lives of an average of about 120 thousand Ukrainians.


Now deaths from coronavirus corresponds to the yellow line, but further developments will show whether it is necessary again to tighten the quarantine.



It is noted that by the end of the year, the coronavirus can recover from 120 to 650 thousand citizens.


Despite the partial easing of the quarantine, until 31 July (so far) remains in force the compulsory wearing of masks in public places, restriction of visitors, the number of public transport passengers in accordance with the number of seats will still be closed, children’s recreation area.


Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers introduced new indicators of readiness areas to mitigate or tightening of quarantine. In particular: utilization of hospital beds (50%); test (not less than 24 per 100 thousand population); the definition of the sick (the ratio of new cases with testing — no more than 11%); dynamics (the weekly change in the coefficient of opredelyaemoi);


It will look like this:


MoH also published a comparison of the situation in Ukraine coronavirus and SARS in other countries.


In Belarus, Russia and Moldova recorded the highest incidence of coronavirus.


Also, the Ukrainians showed a growth in the incidence after the first of June.



It is noted that the detected case of coronavirus — only a third of the real situation in the world and in Ukraine.