Named fatty foods that are useful

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They can’t refuse.

Recent studies have shown that saturated, or unhealthy, fats have their place in a proper diet and their regular consumption in moderation can lead to normal cholesterol levels in the blood and even to improve metabolism, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.


Its nutritional value butter is much more useful than you think. It contains more fat-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin K2, which helps your body absorb calcium, and thus to deliver it to the bones and remove it from arteries where it can cause serious damage. Saturated fats are also considered safer than the omega-6 polyunsaturated fats, which enter the body from industrially manufactured vegetable oils.


The yolks of conventional eggs is a source of vitamin A, choline, b vitamins and selenium. They are characterized by high levels of vitamin D and carotenoids — antioxidants that give the yolks a rich yellow-orange color.

Organic bacon

Bacon contains a very important substance choline, which studies show helps to fight the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders in brain activity. Besides, bacon is a source of b vitamins and zinc, which helps produce serotonin.

Cocoa butter

Oil, which is very often used in natural remedies for skin care as well suitable for healthy food. Cocoa butter nourishes the body with antioxidants and omega-9 fatty acids that help support hormonal balance and immune system balance.


Avocado is rich in oleic acid (omega-9) and supports a healthy balance of the skin, hormonal levels, at the same time promoting healing of the digestive system due to the fiber content. Potassium in its composition, helps relieve stress, and b vitamins To promote fertility.

Bitter chocolate

Studies show that some types of chocolate have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. First on the list — dark chocolate with cocoa share at least 70-80%. It contained antioxidants have a positive effect on blood flow and the health of your heart.

Nut paste and oil

Nuts — not only Champions on the calories, but Champions nutrient content. Fiber, protein, antioxidants, various vitamins and minerals — all the complex work to lower blood pressure, and even a healthier cardiovascular system. Do not forget that nuts are brain food. It has been proven that one serving of nuts a day (particularly walnuts) — prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, improve memory and depression.

Flax seeds and Chia

These Superfoods is a vegetable source of omega — 3 fatty acids. If you do not have fish, use flax seed and Chia as an alternative. Also they contain so called lignans that may help reduce cholesterol and also stress on the cardiovascular system.

Fat dairy products

Recent studies have not found increased risk of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease or stroke in terms of frequent use of milk fat. Moreover, dairy products are rich in micronutrients. Vitamin D or potassium, which are important for the effective functioning of the heart and normal blood pressure.

Coconut oil

One of the important advantages of this product is triglycerides, which have antimicrobial properties and protect our digestive tract from harmful bacteria.