Kyiv supermarkets “ATB” always offer only quality products

In stores ATB presents more than 3,5 thousand names of products and commodities

Quality and safety for the people of Kiev are the main criteria in the choice of products. This is important when purchasing products for every budget: as the premium segment, and the available brands.

Supermarkets the largest Ukrainian retail chain “ATB” always offer you the high quality products. In our region, Kiev has been working for more than three hundred such commercial enterprises. Only 290 settlements in 24 regions of the country, the company opened 1123 of the store.

Almost four million Ukrainians are regular clients “ATB”. The network of supermarkets is known for its large assortment and quality assured products. In the stores of leading retailers are more than 3,5 thousand names of products and commodities.

“ATB” works on the Ukrainian market for more than a quarter century. The safety and quality of the products sold by the company guarantees not only your honest name, but also money.

In the supermarkets of trading network a program “Guarantee of freshness”. The customer who bought or just found in the trading hall of expired goods, compensate its cost three times over. Thus, the company actually uses in its system of quality audit and even expert potential customers. Them in the “ATB” is considered to be not just customers, but partners in business.

In fairness it should be noted that cases of such “easy money” quite a bit, as a complex multilevel system of quality control in “ATB” it works well and smoothly.

It was built on the European model, and includes a system of internal check and independent international audits.

For more than three years supermarkets “ATB” are certified according to the international standard ISO 22000:2005. It is based on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – hazard analysis and critical control points). The entire path of a product is carefully controlled: raw material supply, production, storage, transportation. The system is complex, but it allows you to consider and assess the risks and to avoid them at all stages. Millions of customers, “ATB” every day I have the opportunity to purchase fresh and safe products that meet strict international standard. ISO 22000:2005 in many countries of the world consider a sign of quality.

In addition, the company “the seventh continent” has its own Department of quality control of products. Its experts conduct monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and other checks. To do this, from store shelves take more than a thousand items that are sent for analysis in the laboratory. In General, the inspection is conducted on more than two dozen indicators, from the taste and physico-chemical characteristics to the correctness of marking on the packaging.

This modern approach allows us to guarantee the freshness, quality and safety of every product on the shelves of many shops “ATB”, including in our Kiev.

To be able to timely and deliver products to different parts of Ukraine, “ATB” has created one of the largest in the country logistics infrastructures.

Built about ten multi-temperature warehousing centers of the European sample. The management is so powerful flow of goods around the clock, without weekends and holidays. Last year the turnover of this trade network amounted to 126.8 billion.

Corporation “ATB” today owns four own brands belonging to different price categories. Premium segment is represented by TM “De Luxe Foods & Goods Selected” average plus “Spezzamonte “ATB””, average – TM “Svoya Liniya”. The most economical offers products TM “Rozumny choice”. As you can see, each of us will always find in the “ATB” quality products according to your taste and the most appropriate price.