In the river armed robber robbed men 4 million


The victim received medical treatment.

In the river an attacker with a gun robbed the passenger of a Toyota four million. The robbery occurred today around 10:00 in the heart of the city — on the street Mechnikov, reports the with reference to Country.

Clarifies that the attacker sat on the back seat of the car that struck 49-year-old man pistol-whipped in the head a few times, and sprayed Mace in the driver. After that the robber took from the cabin, two sports bags in which there were four million.

The victim tried to resist, but the striker had sent him a gun and said he would shoot if the man will not give up bags. After committing a robbery, the attacker ran towards the street Starokosatskiy and disappeared.

At the injured man a broken head — he was covered in blood. On the scene arrived the ambulance. The victim received medical treatment, from hospitalization, he refused.

According to the publication, the robber was armed with an automatic Stechkin pistol which is in service in special units.