Experts told about the features of the summer operation of the vehicle

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Traditionally winter is the most difficult time of year for car owners. Experts agree that difficult are winter and summer operating conditions. For the hot period of the year characterized by high insolation, dust and dry air. Depending on the season drivers had to adhere to certain rules., an online platform for the sale and purchase of spare parts, talks about proper use of a car in the summer.

Technical issues

To prepare the car for the summer in advance, but if the driver did not correct the situation it is too late. Ignoring the basic rules increases costs for repair of individual components and assemblies, and reduces comfort and riding safety. Experts recommend the following:

  • Set summer tires and adjust tire pressure;
  • A maintenance chassis, steering mechanism and braking system;
  • To check the status of fluids and, if necessary, replace them;
  • To check the condition of filters, focusing on air and cabin filter;
  • Replace the wiper blades;
  • To check the efficiency of the climate system.

The General recommendation for all categories of drivers: at least once a year clean the radiator and engine compartment from dust. This improves the heat exchange units, and minimizes the probability of their premature failure. Recommended inspection of the pipes of the cooling system, performance evaluation, sensor coolant temperature and thermostat.

Wear non-repairable parts of the vehicle means that they have to replace individual components. The motorist can choose both original and unoriginal spare parts. The latter, as a rule, are cheaper but have a small lifecycle. For example, buying aftermarket parts for Daewoo Lanos driver saves up to 75% of the cost of the originals. It does not skimp on engine parts and transmission.

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Rules of operation

In summer the car interior can heat up to 60-70°C and high dust loading leads to a rapid “clogging” of the air filter, the wear of the anthers and further damage to the ball joints, steering rods and other components. Suffer and body paint. The insect remains, tree SAP and droppings of birds violate the integrity of the lacquer coating, paint layer and ground, and then the metal body. Experts recommend:

  • To ventilate the interior of the car before Parking and cover the window with reflective blinds;
  • If the vehicle is open to sunlight area, then the transport should be covered by the cover;
  • Frequently wash the car at the car wash or by hand;
  • Apply a protective coating in form of wax, liquid glass polishes or special film.

In the summer we can change the riding style to a more calm. If the winter imperfect road surfaces partly compensated well pritoplennye the snow, in the hot season the suspension will wear out from bumps on the bumps, pits and potholes. For this reason, drivers should check the condition of the shock absorbers and their cups and stands stabilizers, bushes and ball joints. Suitable installation of the bump stops of shock absorbers.

Season caravanning

Prepare your car for the summer trip can take up to several days. The driver must check the technical condition of your car, to collect the first aid kit and tool kit. It is recommended to stock up on such items for emergency repairs, such as filters, spark plugs, high voltage wire, lamps, spare wheel. It is also worth to take a supply of technical liquids, inverter, pump for tires, tape, hose clamps, sealant to eliminate the leak. It is necessary to evenly distribute the load on the car. The supply of food and water a better place in the cabin, and spare parts, consumables and travel inventory to fold in the trunk.