Experts tell how to protect your smartphone from overheating in the summer

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The problem faced by many smartphone owners.

In the heat of summer do not keep the smartphone under direct sunlight because due to overheating, the phone may be off or even completely fail, reports the with reference to Browser.

Experts claim that the device can be normally used in a temperature range from 0 to 35 degrees, keep the device turned off – in conditions from + 20 to +45.

Remove from sunlight

A long stay of the smartphone under direct sunlight in danger of overheating, and as a result, the removal of the gadget from working.

Also, if sunlight will damage the phone screen and it will appear in spots, will need to replace the matrix in the service center.

Remove the cover and protective film

Case and screen protector protect the phone from external impact, but reduce thermal conductivity of the housing. Modern smartphones are made of metal and plastic, at least of glass. The first two high conductivity, which will negatively affect performance when overheating.

Do not download to your smartphone movies and large applications

A large number of videos and heavy applications load the CPU of a smartphone. Watching movies on your phone in high resolution network may lead to overheating of the device. Also better to abandon the use of a telephone in a stuffy room or under the open sun.

Do not use your smartphone if the signal is weak

Experts say that the worse the signal, the faster the battery discharges. After all, if the transmitter device is forced to operate at higher power to maintain a connection with the network. From this comes the overheating of the processor.

Do not use the device if it overheats

If the phone while using significantly warmed up, then you need to stop using it and switch to standby mode. This is not to charge the gadget, so as not to damage the battery.