The health Ministry calculated how much a person can contract the coronavirus

lyashko 2

The incidence of coronavirus in Ukraine is higher than the world average.

Coronavirus in Ukraine can ill 132 thousand people, said the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko Thursday, June 18, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Recently, we give a significant increase, which is more global,” — said the Deputy Minister.

The Ministry of health believes that the reason for this growth is the weakening of quarantine, rather than increasing testing.

In particular, earned the metro and other public transport, opened kindergartens. Then, taking into account the incubation period and began to increase the number of patients.

“If we say that the world average is 30%, China for the period of the outbreak showed 31%, in Ukraine in may reaches 40-45 %. On average, we can say that somewhere in the middle in Ukraine may potentially hurting 132 thousand people. But these data are not confirmed. This is a model situation,” — said Lyashko.